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The steps are simple and familiar, not much different from your regular multiple offer sales!

  1. Bring offer
  2. Continue to bid either online or offline

That’s it! No extra steps! If you don’t have a realtor, just come to our office and we’ll help you out. Easy & Efficient. That is our goal.

Our Auction Model includes:

  • Transparent pricing – you get to see all other buyers’ bid prices
  • Absolute fairness – nobody left in the dark
  • Equal opportunities – everybody bids at the same time
  • Prices will be posted ONLINE for ease of access at


Our creative team will create a unique name for your property, and develop the necessary branding and marketing material to promote your property

We will develop a story while creating print and digital awareness

Collaborate with partners in the industry

Preview Events

Campaigns & Content Marketing

Community Engagement

Social Media


Promotion of Property

Special Events

Transparent & Stress Free

We work closely with home owners, listing Realtors and potential buyers to ensure seamless transactions

Exciting bidding environments in a professional & competitive atmosphere

Online bidding options for all LIVE Auctions

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For more questions about our services, please contact us or leave us a message, our specialist will be happy to get back to you!