Personalized Medicine

Personalized medicine, including emerging Stemcell science and therapies.

Innovative Surgical technologies

Innovative surgical and healing capabilities, including AI-enabled diagnostic and therapeutic robotic technologies.

Anesthesiology and infection control

Computerized anesthesiology; and sterilization and infection-control procedures and technologies. 

Who Are We and What We Do

Libang Capital (Canada) Limited is the international investment venture of the Libang Pharmaceutical Group (http://www.libang.com.cn/en/index.php). We are a major pharmaceutical producer in China with extensive advanced technology development and manufacturing capabilities, and a national sales and distribution network throughout the public health system. We are also a health insurance service provider in China.

North America is the world’s largest health market with numerous exceptional research institutions. Most of the companies in North American medical sector are small and medium-sized enterprises engaged in the research and development of innovative technologies, products and solutions. To succeed, these companies need investment and assistance to advance beyond the product development stage. Libang Capital (Canada) Limited can help North American companies succeed in North America and China. Located in Richmond, British Columbia, we provide one-stop service for pioneering entrepreneurs and enterprises. Through our Libang Group colleagues we can assist North American companies to develop, commercialize and sell their products into China.

Libang Capital (Canada) Limited wants to work with medical and health entrepreneurs with advanced medical technologies and a strategic interest in going to China. To help create future leaders in the life sciences, we can provide equity and market development expertise.

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